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Tournet's technology has powered the most powerful vacation builder portals since 1995, pricing & booking complex itineraries (up to 12 cities), selling unattended hundred of millions of dollars every year. Our latest product, socialITIN, does the same except that is not robotic, it is a social network for travelers & local consumers to interact with relevant travel professionals worldwide and it is FREE to subscribe and use.
socialITIN, (socialITINERARY) is a Travel Selling System, powered by a, patent pending, User Agent Engine implemented using social networking concepts and techniques, it is a systematic travel research, planning and shopping CONSOLE, where all the options are considered over time to buy by interacting with one or many vendors (individuals, not machines) , anywhere in the world.
socialITIN's User Agent Engine, acts in behalf of its users (worldwide Travelers & local Vendors) by, in strict relevance, establishing a confidential CONVERSATION about any travel & leisure product or service leading to an educated purchase of local activities in your own town (as dinning and local events) or as part of an Itinerary of any complexity around the world.
By subscribing (free of charge) as individuals travel professionals around the world can promote & sell in behalf of themselves of their companies with confidential responses & offers (Coupons) to relevant requests that come automatically to their socialITIN console.
Tourist bureaus and DMOs staff, by subscribing for free, can promote & endorse their destinations, local suppliers and events by responding with multi-media links and information to relevant requests that come automatically to their socialITIN console. Local DMOs, hotels, attractions and other venues can think of the socialITIN Selling Engine as Destination Kiosks in the visitors' pocket.