Luis Macias, a system Engineer (EE/ME, CCNY, of The City University of New York, 1979/1980, specialized in Satellite communications, started Tournet in 1983 to automate the travel packaging industry, its back-office and telecommunications.

Thereafter Tournet pioneered many systems that integrated the travel wholesaler with not only its travel agent customers nationwide but also with its suppliers worldwide.

In 1995, Tournet created the first web based reservations system, iRES, In 2000, Tournet developed Tournet2000 as the operations and back-office system. and travelXML as an independent travel distribution and selling system.

Put together these systems are able to power not just scalable but powerful and successful travel portals, calculating in seconds complex itineraries, up to 12 cities, with dynamic pricing of hundreds of hotels, airfares and other components,

These portals increasingly sell hundreds of millions of dollars year after year, and still growing today.

About socialITIN and chatBOOTHS

In 2007, Tournet decided to be a hosted Selling System, using the same reservations technology, but presenting it with a social interface, blogs, widgets, coupons, chats, etc. Thereby leaving behind the support for back office and operations of the traditional travel wholesaler automation. This led to a focus on the destination and local activities, and as a result Tournet prototyped Destinations Kiosks, Visitors' walls and other products mostly targeted to local tourist bureaus and concierges.

In 2013, Tournet portal technology was sold and decided to create from scratch, using all these social prototypes, a social network for the travel industry, socialITIN (social Itineraries), that, contrary to robotic travel portals (in which consumers book and pay on the spot), not only promoted destination products and organizations but that would also inform and educate consumers, by interacting, using our chatBOOTHS Service, directly with destination suppliers, and that actually allow them to book and pay, thereby completing educated transactions over time.

Our Products

This is a Beta version of Tournet's socialITIN and chatBOOTHS, our patent pending technology, basic subscription is free to all industry professionals and Premium services such as chat bots are highly recommended..

socialITIN was announced on Sept and Nov 2016 at The FocusWright Travel Conference, Los Angeles and the at The World Travel Market, London

How it works

Individuals (Vacationers, travelers, visitors, group organizers, travel agents, etc.) subscribe and profile themselves as Customers to our niche social network in order to request information on travel & leisure related products and services locally or worldwide,

Likewise, local Vendors anywhere subscribe as individuals, in behalf of accredited travel organizations (tour operators and event organizers, accommodation, local venues and suppliers, transportation, tourist bureaus, destination management offices or travel professionals, etc.).

Since Vendors profiled themselves and/or their destination, products, services and offers, a PUBLISHER/SUBSCRIBER MACHINE, our patent pending technology, matches relevant and only relevant Customer Requests and Vendor Responses to establish a Conversation leading over time, in a non robotic manner, to the creation and purchase of a custom travel itinerary to one or many cities worldwide.

Plan, shop & book

socialITIN, is a Travel Selling System, implemented using social networking concepts and techniques, it is a systematic travel research, planning and shopping CONSOLE, where all the options are considered over time to buy by interacting with one or many vendors (individuals, not machines, anywhere in the world. .


By subscribing (free of charge) as individuals travel professionals around the world can promote & sell in behalf of themselves, or for their companies and partners with confidential responses & offers (Coupons) to relevant requests that come automatically to their socialITIN console.

Promote & Sell

Tourist bureaus and DMOs staff, by subscribing for free, can promote & endorse their destinations, local suppliers and events by responding with multi-media links and information to relevant requests that come automatically to their socialITIN console. Local DMOs, hotels, attractions and other venues can think of the socialITIN Selling Engine as Destination Kiosks in the visitors' pocket. .